Follow these simple steps to quickly get set up with Filestage, and begin improving the turn-around time of your projects by getting feedback faster and more efficiently.

  1. Create your first project - Select the green "Create Project" button to kick-off your first project. 

  2. Add collaborators - Add teammates that will be involved with feedback. These are people that you will want to access everything in the account. They will be able to manage this project with you.

  3. Upload files and set a due date for review - Add PDFs, Images, Videos, or Audio Files and then let everyone know when they need to review the file by.

  4. Add reviewers - Add the people that need to review the content. These people will only have access to the files that you upload on this particular step.

  5. Add your own comments to files -- Add your own thoughts or comments to the file. It can simply let the reviewers know what the file is about, your you can add your own review. 

  6. Add review steps -- Review steps allow for private conversations between unique parties. Most people use review steps for different teams or internal and external reviewers. 

  7. Resolve comments -- Use the internal checklist to work on the feedback that has been received. 

  8. Upload a new version -- Now that you’re created a new version that needs to be reviewed, upload it on top of the first version to keep linear track of everything

  9. Move content through the process -- Once you get the final approval, send the version to the next party to get the feedback

  10. Final Approval -- After everyone approves the file, mark the file as approved to signal the end of the project

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