Every comment that is made creates an internal to-do list for collaborators.

This to-do list will not be visible to your reviewers. It is completely internal and will assist you and your colleagues to act on feedback by marking comments as complete. This is especially useful when reviewers request changes, and you can check off any point on the list so that all team members can see that this is already implemented. Of course, it's up to you how you want to use this list.

How do I use the to-do list?

How to create a task for the to-do list?

Each file has an individual to-do list, which is created automatically for each comment. Each individual comment counts as one task in the to-do list. However, replies are not counted in the to-do list.

How to complete a task from the to-do list?

Each time a comment has been handled or is simply obsolete, click on the gray check mark icon on the upper right corner of the comment. Once checked off, the comment is now marked done on the to-do list. The arrow will then turn green, and the comment will be grayed out so that every project collaborator knows that this point is done.

How do I view how many to-do's are in my to-do list?

You can view the number of things that you need to act on the project overview page as well as within the file itself.

On the project overview page, it will tell show you the number of to-do's under the file.

On the file overview, you will be able to see the to-do list above the comment section. This is only visible for teammates, not reviewers.

Please note:  Even if you check off a comment, only team members will see that it is completed.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to start a chat or email us at support@filestage.io. We’re always happy to help.

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