Introducing the project dashboard

The project dashboard gives you a clearer view of your whole project. Instead of dragging files from one review step to the next, you can run reviews in parallel. And with new status indicators for In review, Needs changes, and Approved, staying up to date has never been easier.

Choose which reviews to start when uploading files

To upload a file, go to your project and click Upload file. You can then choose which review steps you want to start the review in.

The uploaded files will appear under the Upload file button on the left side of the review steps. And you'll also see an In review status indicator for all the reviews you started.

Start a review after uploading your files

To start a review in a specific review step, click Start review. This will send an email notification to your reviewers, and they'll also see it in their notification center.

Opening a review

To open a review, hover over the review you want to open, then click on it.

Review statuses and what they mean

The new project dashboard introduces three different review statuses that can be changed any time during the review:

In review

The latest version of the file is under review and the reviewers can enter comments, approve, or request changes.

Needs changes

The latest version of this file has been reviewed, and the reviewers have requested changes. Please note that the download files and commenting is disabled by default in the reviewer settings.


The latest version of the file has been marked as approved. If the review status of all started reviews are marked as approved, the whole file will be highlighted as green on your dashboard.

Commenting is disabled by default in the reviewer settings.

To learn more about the reviewer settings, please check this article: Manage reviewer permissions

Managing file versions

To upload a new version, click on the upload a new version button under the file name.

You can then choose which review steps you want to start the review in.

Please note that you can start the review in multiple review steps at a time, but the version number will be the same in all review steps.

The current version number is displayed on the right side of the file.

To see previous versions, click on the version number and all previous versions will be displayed.

Organize files with sections

You can create sections to keep your files organized and make projects even easier to navigate.

To add sections to your projects:

  1. Click Add section under the file column

  2. Enter a section name and click on the green check mark

After creating the sections, you can upload files directly to the respective section.

To move files between sections:

  1. Click on the three dots next to the chosen file

  2. Select move to section and choose the section you want to add the file to

To move entire sections:

  1. Click on the three dots next to the section you want to move

  2. Select the direction in which you want to move the section by one position

Depending on your plan, you have a different amount of review steps in each project. If you'd like to add more sections, please reach out on chat or email us at

💡What´s next? After understanding our project dashboard, understand the billing adjustment after you change your subscription.

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