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Create automations for your projects

Learn how to use automations to improve your workflow

Updated over a week ago

  • Automations are only available on our Professional and Enterprise plans.

  • Only team members with permission to manage automations can create and edit automations. Team members without this permission can only view existing automations.

You can now automate manual steps by creating custom automation for your projects and project templates.

This makes it easy to:

  • avoid repetitive, error-prone tasks and save time

  • create consistent workflows that meet your compliance needs

  • eliminate review queues that need to be continued manually

Create your project automations

Automation consists of a trigger that leads to one or more actions responding to it.


  • Reviewer submits review decision

  • Review started for a file

  • Due date reached

  • Review status changed

  • Last activity X days ago

  • Specific reviewer submits review decision

More triggers will be available soon. If you'd like to request a specific trigger, please get in touch.


  • Start review in the next reviewer group

  • Change review status

  • Set due date

  • Move a file to a section

  • Archive file

  • Change review status and start next review

Enjoy a variety of automations, like:

  • When reviewers approve the file, change the review status and start the review in the next reviewer group

  • When the review is started, add a due date

  • When the due date is reached, start the new review

📌 Please note: "Due date exceeded" trigger: This will be triggered at midnight in the timezone of the person who set the due date. If the due date is exceeded, the trigger will automatically perform an action of your choice, such as changing the review status or starting the next reviewer group.

More actions will be available soon. If you're like to request a specific action, please get in touch.

How to create an automation

  1. Open the project or project template you would like to create automation for

  2. Click the Automations button above the project view and select Create automation

  3. Select the trigger from the dropdown menu for your automation

  4. Customize the trigger settings to suit your workflow

  5. Add actions to your automation and customize it to your needs

  6. Activate the automation by clicking Save automation

How to edit existing automations

  1. Click the Automations button at the top of your project dashboard and select the automation you want to edit

  2. Hover over the part you want to edit, then click on it.

  3. Edit the automation according to the needs of your project.

  4. Click Save automation to apply your changes

How to pause an automation

  1. Click the Automations button at the top of your project dashboard and select the automation you want to edit

  2. Click on the slider to pause this automation – if you change your mind and want to reactivate the automation, click on the slider again

  3. Click Save automation to apply your changes

How to delete an automation

  1. Click the Automations button at the top of your project dashboard and select the automation you want to edit

  2. Select Delete automation and confirm your choice

Automations in project templates

With our latest update, you can now add automations to your project templates, providing a more efficient and optimized workflow. By incorporating automations into your project templates, you can easily create a template and add automations to it, reducing the amount of manual work required. Additionally, you have the flexibility to delete or update the automations in the template as needed, allowing for better control over your workflow. To apply automation to your project template, select your project template and follow the steps outlined previously.

For more information regarding project templates, click on the following help center article: Create and use project templates

Get updates when automations have been triggered

Once an automation is enabled in a project, project collaborators and reviewers will be notified of any changes made by automations.

For more information about your notification settings, please refer to the article Control how many email notifications you are getting.

Disclaimer: Our automations that are set up with specific people involved, will not longer work if the person is removed from the reviewer group. In this case, please refer to the action or trigger involving the reviewer, and remove them from all automations.

💡What´s next? After understanding how to create and use automations, see how to use the search to quickly find the information you need.

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