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Use the search to quickly find the information you need
Use the search to quickly find the information you need

Easily search for projects, files, comments and knowledge base articles

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Use the search function to find specific projects, files, and comment faster and more efficiently without having to look through all projects individually. Search with relevant keywords to locate projects, whether archived or not, files, comments, and help-center articles.

The search function helps you quickly access all projects and files. This can be particularly useful when an unexpected inquiry from customers or colleagues comes in, and you have to find information urgently.

How to use the search function feature?

  1. Click on the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of your project overview to open the search bar.

  2.  Type in your keyword and see relevant projects, files, and comments.

    • You will also see relevant Help-center articles that match your search terms.

💡Pro tip: Use the shortcut F on your keyboard to open the search bar even faster and more efficiently. Then navigate through the search results with the arrow keys (up and down).

Can reviewers use the search function as well?

Reviewers need to create a free account in order to use the search function. Creating an account ensures that the personal search is password protected and that the proper people can access your projects and files.

If you would like to use the search function and don't have a free account, you can always sign up for an account:!/signup

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