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Understand the difference between project collaborators and reviewers
Understand the difference between project collaborators and reviewers
Here you will learn the difference of project collaborators and reviewers.
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When starting with Filestage, understanding the difference between Project Collaborators and Reviewers can be tricky! 

In a nutshell, reviewers can only access the files in their review step and can review those files, while project collaborators can access all files in a project and manage those files. Reviewers do not need to log in to access the files, but team members will need to log in to access the project.


A reviewer is someone you invite to give feedback. This person can be a client, boss, co-worker, freelancer, or friend. 

  • Reviewers do not have to sign up to have access to your files

  • Reviewers can see only the review step they were invited to. They do not have access to any other files in your project.

  • Reviewers can access all the files in a review step either via email invitation or a review link

Reviewers can always:

  • view files in the review step, they’re invited to see

  • share the review link with others

Depending on the permissions that you give your reviewers, they may also be able to:

  • comment on a file

  • attach files to their comments (logos, documents, sounds, or design drafts)

  • download a file

  • finish their review to request changes or approve a version

  • Upload files *only available certain plans.

A reviewer can never:

  • see files, comments, or versions in a different review step

  • upload or delete a file

  • upload or delete a version

  • invite and remove team members

More information about the permissions of reviewers and how to set them can be found here.

Project Collaborators

A project collaborator has a personal Filestage account and an individual project overview. Project collaborators are able to create projects, upload files, and invite clients and co-workers to give feedback.

Project Collaborators can:

  • create new review steps

  • invite reviewers to a review step

  • invite team members to be a project collaborators

  • upload new files or versions

  • delete files or versions

  • comment on files in any review step

  • download the files

  • see the complete version history of a file, including all past comments

To review a project as a project collaborator, a team member must be invited to that particular project. Projects are private by default; you must invite team members to the project so they can view it and all the review steps, comments, versions, etc.

💡 What's next? Once you understand the difference, see how to Manage reviewer permissions.

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