As a project collaborator, you can set which permissions your reviewers have. You can set these permissions for each review step separately. All reviewers of a review step have the same permissions.

To open the settings menu, click on the settings button at the top right of the desired review step. After you do that, feel free to customize the reviewer permissions in that step.

The Permissions You Can Give Reviewers


Please note that you can set this permission separately for files in the review and shared files.

This is useful if you want to allow the download only for shared files, for example.


Control if your reviewers are allowed to comment on your files. If the review step setting 'Commenting' is disabled, reviewers can only access in read-only mode. The entire comment list remains visible to reviewers. However, the reviewers cannot create, edit, or delete any comments.

This means that reviewers still have access to the entire documentation of the comments, but can no longer make changes. This is especially useful for approved files, or when the feedback stage is over.

Please note that you can set this permission separately for files in the review and shared files.

Email Notifications for project activities

You can turn email notifications for project activities on or off to control whether your reviewers receive updates to the files. (Only for reviewers without an account) This e-mail will inform reviewers:

Please note: Even if email notifications are disabled for reviewers, mentions (when users are tagged in a comment) are always sent.

Anonymize reviewers

Anonymize your reviewers and hide their identity from each other with the anonymize reviewers feature. With this feature, your reviewers will be anonymous to each other, but project collaborators will know their identity.

For additional details on anonymizing your reviewers please check this article.


You can now activate a feature for your team which allows your external partners to upload files directly into your review step without having to make them full project collaborator.

Once this is activated you can choose whether the reviewers can upload files by simply enabling the button below. If you disable this function, the external partner won't have the option to upload files. Your external reviewers only need to create a free account, without paying for a subscription, to be able to upload files.

Password Protection

Your files are secure on our SSL-encrypted servers, and the review links cannot be found by third parties due to their encryption.

If you still want your reviewers to enter an additional password when opening the review links, you can use this feature to set a password.

Please note that you must share the password with your reviewers yourself.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to start a chat or email us at We’re always happy to help.

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