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How to import PowerPoint (.pptx) files with transitions
How to import PowerPoint (.pptx) files with transitions

Use Filestage's live website feature to import PowerPoint files from OneDrive.

Updated over a week ago

With our live website feature, you can review PowerPoint files in presentation mode. This includes any animations and transitions between slides, so you can get accurate feedback on your content.

Here's how you can import your PowerPoint files in four simple steps:

Step 1: Find your PowerPoint file in OneDrive

Step 2: Select the .pptx file and open the embed code

  • A menu will appear with the option to embed the file. Click “</> Embed” to embed the PowerPoint file.

Step 3: Copy the HTML code

  • Your embed link will appear on the right of your screen. Select and copy the entire HTML code.

Step 4: Import your PowerPoint file into Filestage

Important: You only need to paste the part in quotation marks after src=. You can see an example of this below.

  • Click Upload file in Filestage, then choose "Import website" and paste your HTML code into the box.

  • Import what you have just copied into Filestage by pasting the URL under our Import live website feature

  • Paste the HTML code and delete the unnecessary parts. Only the URL within the two quotation marks needs to be imported.

Everything between src= and width needs to be copied. The rest can be taken out.

Open the file, and enjoy the transitions!

For more information on reviewing live websites within Filestage, visit here.

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transitions, see how to Review live websites.

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