When reviewing any e-learning content within Filestage, there are typically going to be two ways depending on the platform you use - uploading a zip file or importing the share link.

Please visit Review Live Websites to learn how to import e-learning content via a live URL.

As we are looking at Articulate 360, we will upload a zip file.

Here's how you can review your e-Learning content in

three simple steps:

Step 1: Export a Zip File on Articulate 360

Within the edit portion of Articulate 360, click on Export on the top right hand side.

After you click on “Export” you will want to select the export type. In this case, you will select “Web” then click Export one more time on the top right side.

The zip file should begin to download and you will now be ready to upload it into Filestage.

Step 2: Upload the Zip File in Filestage

Upload the zip file into your desired project by either pressing “Upload” or dragging and dropping the zip file directly from your downloads.

Step 3: Navigate Between Browse and Comment Mode

Use browse mode to navigate through your e-learning content then switch to comment mode to give specific feedback, annotate, and tag your teammates.

Let us know if you have any questions by reaching out to us on chat or emailing us at support@filestage.io. We're always happy to help!

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