Filestage allows you to review any live website. Your reviewers can interact with your content, just like they can in their browser. Then they can switch to comment mode to add feedback and annotations.

Your reviewers can give feedback on live websites in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. When they add a comment for the first time, they'll be asked to download a browser extension for reviewing live websites.


  • In order to annotate in the comments, users need to install a browser extension. Users can leave general comments even without installing extensions.

  • As of now, the browser extension is available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

Three steps to make sure your website is ready to review in Filestage

  • Make everything HTTPS. Make sure all your web content is served over HTTPS. Check through all the URLs inside your site and make sure references to CSS and images are all HTTPS. HTTPS is the best practice because the secure connection allows clients to safely exchange sensitive data with a server.

  • Setup X-Frame-Options. Either of the following options is needed to allow Filestage to embed your site inside our app. You can ask your web developer to do this if you don’t know how. Once the proof is approved, any changes to the header that were made can be reverted.

    • Completely remove the X-Frame-Options from the website.

    • Allow * in your X-Frame-Options and CORS controls – especially access to any resources like images and fonts you may have hosted on your own servers. This allows Filestage to embed your site inside our app.

  • Allow resource access. If you have resources with access restrictions (API, SDK, image servers) add * to the allowed lists.

Once you're done with the above checklist, your website can be reviewed and approved with ease.

Let us know if you have any questions by reaching out to us on chat or emailing us at We're always happy to help!

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