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Install our browser extension to fully review live websites
Install our browser extension to fully review live websites

Learn how to leave comments on live websites and interactive content in Filestage

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⚠️ Please note: Installing the extension is optional. To use the platform without it, simply close the install window by clicking the "x". General comments and review decisions can still be made, but comments and annotations on pages won't be available.

Article overview:

We have built a Filestage extension for the most popular browsers. This allows you to add comments and review live websites, as you already do with other file types. In less than 20 seconds, you can install the free and secure browser extension and start reviewing live websites.

Click on your preferred browser to install the extension:

Privacy and security notice

Maintaining your privacy and keeping you safe while you use our extension is non-negotiable. That's why we collect the least amount of data (i.e. user activity and website content) to enable you to get your best work approved.

From a security perspective, our extension is actively managed and is subject to our strict internal security policies, processes and controls. Further to this, since it is published on the Chrome Web Store, Firefox and Edge Add-ons stores, it is also subject to Google's, Mozilla's and Microsoft's strict privacy and security requirements. As such, on Chrome and Edge browsers, you can restrict which sites our extension can access. Further to this, across all 3 browsers, the extension can be automatically updated with the latest security updates.

How the browser extension works

The Filestage browser extension captures a screenshot of the visible area of a website or interactive HTML file. This lets users comment on specific parts of the content to make feedback as clear and precise as possible.

As part of this process, the extension needs to process your cookies and bypass a handful of browser security measures. This is because the content is embedded within the Filestage platform.

Rest assured that, to support the safe use of our extension, only the minimum required browser security measures are bypassed. If it helps, we’ll be happy to discuss this with your Development, InfoSec, or IT teams.

Why we recommend pre-authorizing our extension

Content reviews are an essential part of your team’s workflow. But if reviewers need to wait for authorization before sending feedback, it can cause costly delays to their projects.

To keep projects running smoothly, we recommend pre-authorizing the Filestage browser extension across your organization. This will help your team give feedback and collaborate faster, so they have a better chance of hitting their deadlines.

💡What´s next? With the extension now installed, see how to start reviewing live websites easily: Review live websites

Let us know if you have any questions by reaching out to us on chat or emailing us at We're always happy to help!

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