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Use the Filestage API to improve your team’s workflow
Use the Filestage API to improve your team’s workflow

Accomplish all your automation goals by using the Filestage API

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The Filestage API allows engineers and developers on your team to automate certain actions involving Filestage and the other tools that you work with. 

Benefits of using an API

The Filestage API can improve your team’s workflow and overall efficiency. 

By using the API, you can:

✅Automate data transfer between Filestage and other systems ensuring consistent data as well as adhering to company guidelines

✅Replace manual tasks involving other tools with automated actions to save time and reduce errors


Filestage users that are already using the API are accomplishing their goals of improving their workflow by getting projects started, eliminating human error, and moving a project forward. 

In this section, we will discuss a couple of goals these teams are accomplishing with the API. However, the possibilities of using an API are endless. 

Create an asset in Filestage based on a trigger in a different system

An agency using the API has improved their project kick-off process by using their briefing request tool and the Filestage API.

Once  a customer submits their briefing request form, a project is automatically created in Filestage and the briefing is automatically uploaded to the first reviewer group of that new project.

From there, the agency begins working directly with their client in Filestage.

Create a new reviewer group and automatically add email addresses 

Another Filestage user uses the API to create new reviewer groups based on the different pipeline stages in their CRM. 

By using the API and their CRM, a new reviewer group is automatically created and it auto-invites the different stakeholders based on the emails within the CRM.

From there, the Filestage user works on the project within FIlestage.

Setting up API

To get the API enabled in your account, please get in touch with us by emailing us at

We will be happy to set you up with the API.

API Documentation

If you’re interested in the API and would like to review the documentation, please view it here:

The Filestage API will be enhanced and expanded in the future. If you do not see an API call for a feature that you desire to use, please reach out to us and we can see if we can implement it.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to start a chat or email us at We’re always happy to help.

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