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Manage review links for files and versions
Manage review links for files and versions

Learn to how to create review links, how to add password protection, and how to direct reviewers to a specific file.

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Review links are unique URLs that give others access to files in a reviewer group. They allow reviewers to open files in their browser and provide feedback without signing up for an account. Review links can be easily shared across different platforms, such as email, Trello, Basecamp, or Slack, making them a convenient and efficient way to manage collaborative reviews.

Create a review link

To create a review link, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open your project overview.

  2. In your desired reviewer group, click the copy review link icon next to your reviewers avatar.

  3. The review link will be automatically copied to your clipboard.

  4. Share the link with your reviewers via the platform you'd like.

    • Reviewers can forward their review links to give more people access to the files so they can collaborate easily on their side as well.

Create a review link with password protection

If you need to add an extra layer of security to your reviews, you can add password protection to your review links. Here's how:

  1. Locate the desired reviewer group.

  2. Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the reviewer group.

  3. Enable password protection for all files in the reviewer group.

  4. Choose a password.

  5. Click on save.

  6. Copy the review link and share it with your reviewers and the chosen password.

⚠️ Please note: Set passwords are not visible to recall at a later time. If you have many password-protected files, we recommend using a common password managing tool to save your password and share it with your team or reviewer.

Send reviewers to a specific file or version

If you need to lead reviewers to a specific file or version, there are several ways to do so:

  • Review link from the project overview:

    If you copy the review link from the project overview, the link will always point to the latest version of the file. The existing link will also point to the new version if you upload a new version.

  • Review link from the file view:

    If you copy a review link from the file view, the link will always point to the exact version of your file. If you upload a new version, the existing link will still point to the same version as before.

  • Manually change the review link version:

    The version a link goes to is determined by the suffix at the end of the URL, annotated by /v#. If you remove this suffix, the link will revert to the latest version.

For example:

  • -- points to the first version

  • -- points to the second version

  • -- points to the latest version in that reviewer group

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