Insights provides you, as an admin, with a dashboard displaying metrics about your review and approval process.

Understand your key metrics

Get an idea of your team’s activity and progress using our five metrics automatically consolidated over the last 30 days.

  • The number of projects created – provides valuable data on your team’s activity.

  • The number of versions created – helps you analyze your team’s progress.

  • The number of reviews started – tells you how many times a file was shared with reviewers, for the first time or as a new version.

  • The number of review decisions submitted – highlights reviewer activity in Filestage, when it comes to either approving or requesting changes.

  • The average number of comments created per review – allows you to evaluate the level of interaction happening on your files.

Being able to keep track of these metrics over time is a key ingredient in continuously optimizing your proofing process.

If you can think of any metric that would be helpful, simply click on the green button Request custom metrics and fill in our three-step form to share your ideas.

💡What´s next? after understanding the insights section, see how to keep track of the review status in the review summary.

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