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Monitor your review progress with Insights
Monitor your review progress with Insights

Visualize key metrics about your proofing process using Insights

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Insights provides you, as an admin, with a dashboard displaying metrics about your review and approval process.

Understand your key metrics

Get an idea of your team’s activity and progress using our five metrics automatically consolidated over the last 30 days.

  • The number of projects created – provides valuable data on your team’s activity.

  • The number of versions created – helps you analyze your team’s progress.

  • The number of reviews started – tells you how many times a file was shared with reviewers, for the first time or as a new version.

  • The number of review decisions submitted – highlights reviewer activity in Filestage, when it comes to either approving or requesting changes.

  • The average number of comments created per review – allows you to evaluate the level of interaction happening on your files.

Being able to keep track of these metrics over time is a key ingredient in continuously optimizing your proofing process.

If you can think of any metric that would be helpful, simply click on the green button Request custom metrics and fill in our three-step form to share your ideas.

Advanced Insights

Introducing Advanced Insights, a new feature designed for Enterprise Admins, offering comprehensive analytics and metrics to enhance team performance. Through four dedicated dashboards, admins gain valuable insights into the proofing workflow, project performance, reviews, and reviewer behavior.

  • Enable admins to monitor and optimize their team's performance, identify bottlenecks, and enhance collaboration efficiency.

  • The four dashboards include a holistic proofing workflow overview, project performance metrics, review-specific analytics, and reviewer behavior insights.

  • Ability to filter and tailor the insights based on team members, projects, and date range (last 7 days or last 30 days).

  • Equip admins with actionable data, empowering them to make informed decisions, improve processes, and drive productivity throughout their organization.

Metrics being covered in each dashboard:




Projects Created

Total number of projects that have been created

Average versions per file

The average number of versions of files

Average time to complete project

Average time to complete a project. Time to complete starts from starting the first review till approval in the last reviewer group

Time to complete reviewer group

Each reviewer group with time to complete a review in it

Time to complete version review

Each version with time to complete a review in it

Total review decisions

Total number of review decisions




Review started

Total number of reviews that were started

Versions created

Total number of versions that were created

Project status

Showing the number of projects that have been completed, are in review.

Review status

Showing the number of reviews that are approved, in review, need changes

File types

Overview of file types that were uploaded

Latest uploads

List of most recent uploads




Review decisions submitted

Total number of review decisions that were submitted

Average review/comment

The average number of comments per version review

Review decisions

Number of decisions per decision type; change requested, approved, and not provided

Time to submit review decisions

Number of review decisions that were submitted late, have been submitted but didn’t have a due date, have been submitted on time, are outstanding or are outstanding and overdue

Comment status

Overview of resolved and unresolved comments

Most liked comments

List of comments that received the most likes from reviewers




All reviewers

Total number of reviewers

Fastest reviewers

List of reviewers ranked on % of time they managed to submit a decision before the due date has passed

Top commentators

List of reviewers that have provided the most proofing comments

Reviewer time to decision ranking

List of reviewers ranked on their average time to submit a decision, after a review has been started

💡What´s next? After understanding the insights section, see how to keep track of the review status in the review summary.

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