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Switch time specifications and loop your videos
Switch time specifications and loop your videos

Learn to loop your video to see the video transition and see how to switch between sections, timecode, and frame units in your video reviews

Updated over a week ago

As a video reviewer, it's crucial to be able to switch between different time specifications and loop videos to ensure you get all the important details.

Change the time specification in videos:

  1. Click on the desired file in your project overview.

  2. Click on the time specification in the middle of the file viewer.

  3. Choose between standard, timecode, and frames view.

Loop your videos:

  1. Click the desired video file in your project overview

  2. Click the Loop button next to the Sound button.

    • Your video will now automatically restart again once it's ended. With a click on the same button, you can deactivate the loop.

💡 What's next? After seeing how to loop your videos and switch time specifications, learn Which shortcuts are available?

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