When reviewing your live websites in Filestage, it can happen that you need you to accept the cookie settings after every action or reload of the page.

How to bypass cookie restrictions?

Cookie configurations are the security measures introduced by browsers to prevent different kinds of cyber attacks. So to make sure your website is reviewable in Filestage without any cookie restrictions, you have to do either of the following:

  • Ask your website developer to allow cookies to save with SameSite property None.

  • If developer support is not available then we suggest you try out the following (This needs to be done by each individual reviewer):

  1. Open the website you want to review in a new tab in the same browser where you are going to review with Filestage.

  2. Give your consent for cookies if asked

  3. Right-click anywhere on your website and click on the Inspect menu.

  4. This will open a Developer Tools window/tab in your browser.

  5. Click on the Console tab.

  6. Now copy and paste the following line to the Console and hit Enter

document.cookie.split(";").map(item => item+";samesite=none; secure").map(cookie => document.cookie = cookie)

Close the developer tools window/tab and the website tab as well and try to review the website again in Filestage.

Note: You can revert these changes once you are done with the review if needed as follows:

  • If you follow the second step above then you can repeat the steps 1 to 5 again then copy and paste the following to clear all the cookies:

document.cookie.split(";").map(item => item+";Max-Age=0").map(cookie => document.cookie = cookie)

Why you are seeing the Cookie Consent message on every page?

An HTTP cookie is a piece of data that a website will store inside a browser for future reference. You can find more information about the cookies here. Cookies can be stored inside a browser using some extra security configurations that helps to prevent access to these cookies by 3rd party websites. So if a website that embedded inside Filestage contains these security measures then browser will deny access to those cookies. As a result website will assume that they didn’t have the cookie consent yet. So it will ask again everytime user visits any page.

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