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Make sure that the fonts of your Office files are displayed correctly
Make sure that the fonts of your Office files are displayed correctly

Learn how Filestage accurately displays the typefaces of your uploaded documents

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This article provides information about font compatibility in Filestage for Office files. Filestage supports the most common fonts, so your Office files will display accurately in the platform. If you use a custom font that isn't supported, Filestage will automatically replace it with a similar font for the preview.

To make sure your fonts display accurately, even with custom fonts, here are a few steps you can take:

  1. Embed your fonts in your Office files before uploading them to Filestage. This will guarantee that your fonts display exactly as intended. This help article shows how to embed your fonts in your Microsoft Office files.

  2. Contact us for help. We'd be happy to see if we can support your custom font in our Office viewer. You can reach out to us at

💡 What's next? Once you're done with the above checklist, see how to upload your files to a project: Upload new files to projects

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to start a chat or email us at We’re always happy to help.

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