When do email reminders get sent?

If a teammate adds the due date is added within 1 hour of uploading...

If a teammate adds the due date within the first hour of uploading a file, moving a file to a new step, or uploading a new version, you will receive an email notification regarding the new file and it’s associated due date.

If the due date is added after 1 hour of uploading a file…

If the due date is added later than 1 hour time after uploading (meaning you have already been notified about the file), you will not be notified immediately about the due date.  Instead, you will receive reminder notifications on the due dates.

You will also have notifications of the due date within the application while looking at the file. 

How are you reminded to complete your review before the due date?

If you have not completed your review and the due date is approaching, we will send out email reminders.  These email reminders will contain all files that are overdue or due soon. 

How often and when are due date reminder emails sent?

An email with all your pending reviews that are due soon or overdue will be sent once every morning between 7:00am - 8:00am local time; this allows you to come into the office and prioritize your day accordingly.

The due date reminder is only sent if you have a pending review with a due date between 2 days ago and 5 days in the future. Also, if you have finished your review, no email reminder will be sent. 

Our goal is to inform you about files that still need to be reviewed, but we do not want to overwhelm you. Furthermore, all files you need to review will be bundled in one email.

How do the reviewer settings affect the email reminder?

If you add a due date to a file, the reminder email will always be sent even if email notifications are disabled. 

How to ensure reminders are not sent to you?

If you do not want a reminder to be sent, do not set a due date. By not setting a due date, an email reminder will never be sent. Furthermore, if you do not wish to receive due date reminders, you can disable them in your settings. To do so, click this link to open your personal notification settings. Then, click on the slider to disable the project activity email.

How does Filestage send reminder emails if you have not left your email? 

If you were invited manually with a review link and you have not given us your email address yet, we have no way of emailing you with a due date reminder. You will have to interact with the site and leave your email address.

What happens to reminders when there is set a time?

Setting a due time can be very important with time-critical files. To do this, a teammate will want to set a time with a due date. 

If you have interacted with the application and left your email address...

In the case that you have accessed the app and left your email address (by saving a comment, finishing a review or creating an account), we automatically save your timezone. 

Once we save information on the timezone, the due date time automatically adjusts to your timezone in the future.

If you have never accessed the app with your email address...

When you are invited to a step, Filestage saves the language and time zone of the user that invited you. It makes this language and timezone your default until you access the application. 

Once you interact with the app and input your email address on the app, we will begin to use your language and timezone.

What happens to reminder emails when the file is moved or deleted?

When you move a file to the approved section…

When you move a file from being “In Review” to “Approved” that signifies that reviews for that file are finished. No emails for files in “Approved” will be sent out. 

When you move a file to a different review step…

When you move a file version from one review step to another, that signifies the version review is complete. Therefore, the reminder email is not sent out anymore. 

When you upload a new version of a file…

Once you upload a new version on top of the previous version, that signifies that the previous was complete. We will not send out reminder emails for old versions. 

Are due dates visible in the application?

Yes, due dates are always visible in the application on both the reviewer dashboard and on the file itself. 

Which plans support the due date feature?

All ADVANCED and higher plans include due dates. If you are on an ESSENTIAL plan, it does not include this feature.

If you are interested in this feature, you can switch to a new plan or contact us directly at support@filestage.io. We will be happy to help!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to start a chat or email us at support@filestage.io. We’re always happy to help.

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