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Viewing older versions & navigating through different files
Viewing older versions & navigating through different files
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Unless all goes exceedingly well, you will typically have more than one version of a file due to requesting changes. Viewing older versions will show you have your file has progressed over time. 

To view historical versions of a file, select “Version #” in the top of the comment section, which will open up a drop-down. From there, you can go back and see older versions. By viewing these versions, you can see how the proof has improved over time and ensure all of your requested changes took effect.

Navigating reviews with multiple proofs

 If you have more than one file to view in that specific project, there is no need to keep going back to your email and clicking on the link. Navigate between the different proofs using the file gallery located below the file viewer.

The file gallery shows you all files in that reviewer group of a project that you need to review. It makes it super easy to keep track of what you need to do to complete the project.

💡What´s next? After understanding how to view older files, see how to manage different versions of a file.

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