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Why do some reviewers need to log-in when leaving feedback on a file?
Why do some reviewers need to log-in when leaving feedback on a file?
Updated over a week ago

In general, reviewers do not need to log in when leaving feedback. However, if the reviewer has signed up for Filestage in the past and is using the same email address to leave a comment, they will be prompted to sign-in. This is for security reasons as we do not want someone leaving comments on a registered account that may not be their own!

If a reviewer is having trouble leaving comments due to the log-in prompt, here are a few options:

  1. Delete their account: If the reviewer no longer wants to use their Filestage account, they can email from the email address associated with their account and request to delete it. This will prevent them from being prompted to log in and allow them to leave comments without issue.

  2. Turn off reviewer email notifications: If you turn off reviewer email notifications in the reviewer settings, reviewers will not be prompted to log in to leave feedback. However, this means that they will not receive email notifications about comments on the file.

  3. Use a different email address: Reviewers can use a different email address to leave feedback. This could be as simple as adding "+filestage" to their existing email address before the "@" symbol.

  4. Reset their password: If the reviewer has forgotten their password, they can reset it by clicking on the "Forgot password?" link on the log-in page (!/password/forgot). Once their password is reset, they should be able to leave comments without issue.

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