What is the Reviewer Dashboard?

The Reviewer Dashboard is where you can have an overview of all your projects or review steps. As long as you are part of a paying team, you will be able to see projects that you have access to from the team that invited you to join Filestage or an external team.

The Reviewer Dashboard is a quick and easy way to access what you need to review without having to dig through your emails.

Why would you want the Reviewer Dashboard?

A Reviewer Dashboard enables external users access to any files you need them to review from their own dashboard in Filestage.

Benefits of the Reviewer Dashboard:

  • Keep a clean overview of files you're working on
  • In-app prompts about files that still need to be reviewed
  • Ability to see which files have already been approved in a quick glance

How do I set up the Reviewer Dashboard?

Your client can sign-up for Filestage and immediately begin to use the Reviewer Dashboard. They do not need a subscription with Filestage.

Then, you can invite this user via email as a collaborator or reviewer. They will see the project appear on their dashboard under an "External Team" folder.

The external reviewer will still have access to the files you shared with them even when their account is expired. 

Reviewers with expired accounts are only able to review. They can not create projects, upload new files or versions, etc..

If you'd like to give your clients access to Filestage and allow them to be able to create projects or upload files and version, you can invite them to your paid subscription.

To give your clients access with permission to create projects:

  1. Go to your team page 
  2. Invite the external reviewer with member permissions
  3. Go to the project you'd like the external review to access
  4. Invite them as either a collaborator or a reviewer on a review step

Do I invite these external members as a collaborators on the project or as reviewers?

By inviting an external user as a reviewer, they can only see the step you've invited them to see. 

Alternatively, inviting the external user as a teammate to a project, they can see all steps. Also, they will be invited to join your paying team. Due to this, most of our users invite external reviewers only to a review step.

In the majority of cases, you will want to invite your reviewers to specific steps and have your team invited to the entire project. 

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us at [email protected].

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