Compatible browsers

Filestage supports the latest versions of the most popular web browsers. As Filestage is based on modern web technologies, the best user experience can only be guaranteed in the latest browser versions. We therefore recommend regular browser updates. Filestage currently supports the following browsers.


  • Chrome (latest version)

  • Firefox (latest version)

  • Safari (latest version)

  • Edge (latest version)


  • Chrome Mobile (latest version)

  • Safari Mobile (latest version)

Browser support for TLS 1.2

At Filestage, the security of your data is our highest priority. To ensure the highest standards of security, we are continually making improvements and retiring outdated encryption protocols. In terms of TLS, this means that we no longer support TLS 1.1 and recommend that you use version 1.2 or higher for your own security.

Some older browser versions run TLS 1.1 by default, if you are using such a browser version we recommend that you upgrade your browser to a newer version that has TLS 1.2 enabled by default. If your company's IT department does not allow browser updates, you should manually enable TLS 1.2 in the settings of your current browser.

Here you can find an overview of the TLS 1.2 compatibility of common browser versions. If you think your browser is up to date and you still have problems, you can check the TLS security of your browser here.

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