Change your subscription plan

Learn how easy it is to change your subscription plan.

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To change your subscription type

  1. Ensure you’re an admin on the account

  2. Head on over to your subscription page

  3. Click on the Change plan button.

  4. Select the plan by clicking on Select plan.

  5. Confirm your choice by clicking on Yes, change plan.

  6. You will immediately switch to your new plan. Your current subscription investment will be prorated.

Subscription and billing adjustment

  • Activation Time: The change to your subscription will take effect immediately.

  • Subscription Period: If you don't switch between monthly and yearly billing, your new plan will have the same subscription period as your previous plan.

  • Proration: If you change your subscription, the size of your team, or your billing interval, prorated payments will be credited and applied to your next invoice.

For example: 💡
If you used to have the monthly basic plan for $59 per month and you now want to switch to the yearly Standard plan for $49 per month, the account balance of $10 is deducted from your next scheduled billing.

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