What is the Reviewer Dashboard?

The reviewer dashboard is where view all the projects and/or review steps that you were invited to see. This could be from the team that invited you to Filestage, or an external team. It is a quick and easy way to access what you need to review without having to dig through your emails.

Why would you want the Reviewer Dashboard?

This enables your clients to have access to all the files you need them to review from their own dashboard in Filestage to keep the overview of everything that needs to be done to get a project completed efficiently and swiftly. Furthermore, it gives them a record of which files they've already reviewed in the past.

How do I set up the Reviewer Dashboard?

A reviewer dashboard is only available on paid accounts. You can easily enable the reviewer dashboard for your own reviewers by inviting them to your team in Filestage. Alternatively, your client can set-up his or her own team and start their own subscription.

You will always want to invite your reviewers to specific steps and have your team invited to the general project. This will unlock the dashboard for them and ensure that your client won’t have full access to the project, only to a single step. 

Client will not see your internal review round

In Filestage, team members can only see the projects they have created or the ones they have been invited too. If you invite your client as a reviewer to a single review step within a project, they will only be able to access the files in that step - they won’t be able to see the entire project. 

Custom Roles

If you have invited your client to your team in general, but you like to prevent the review from creating projects or uploading files, you can create a custom role with limited rights in Filestage. Custom roles are part of the enterprise plan

If you are interested in custom roles, please contact us at [email protected].

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