The following two steps will allow you to provide your client with a reviewer dashboard, instead of locating links they will sign in and see all assigned review steps from their dashboard.

Pricing: Reviewer dashboards are treated the same as Team Members for billing purposes. You will need to have enough member licenses to cover your team and the reviewers who need their own dashboard.

Reviewer Visibility: In Filestage, team members can only see the projects they have created or the ones they have been invited too. If you invite your client as a reviewer to a single review step within a project, they will only be able to access the files in that step - they won’t be able to see the entire project. 

Admin Steps

Step 1. Have an Admin login to Filestage. On the bottom left-hand corner select “Team”. Under the members tab select “Invite Team Member”.

Type in the email address of the reviewer that you want to provide dashboard access to. Select “Member” then select “Invite Team Member”.

Step 2. Go to the project that you want the reviewer to have access to. On the specific Review Steps they should be able to leave feedback to, add them as a reviewer.

Enter their email address and send the invitation.

Do this for all steps within this project you want them to have access to. 

Reviewer Steps

The reviewer will receive an automated email letting them know they have been invited to join a project. They will select “Sign Up” and enter their name, email address and create a password.

Note: For this scenario the Marketing & Legal team are external so the reviewer has been added to the following review steps: Marketing/ Legal & Legal.

When reviewer signs in they will be able to see the folder and project name the review steps are under. Please note, although there are more review steps within the dashboard (Internal), they will only see the two steps they were added to. 

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