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How to make up to $1,000 with Filestage's referral program
How to make up to $1,000 with Filestage's referral program

Know anyone who could benefit from Filestage? Refer someone & get up to $1,000 in cash. Here is how it works.

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How do I invite others to Filestage?

First, login to your Filestage account. If you don't have an account, you can signup for free here.

As a Filestage user, you can access the referral widget to easily share & track the status of your referral(s). You can find the icon in the top right of your Filestage dashboard.

Once you click on the icon, you will see your unique referral link that you can copy & share via your preferred distribution channel.

Here are a few ways to share the link:

1. Copy the given URL and send it using your preferred channel.

2. Scan the QR code using your mobile to share the link via messenger or any other mobile channel.

3. Click one of the icons at the bottom to share on social media or via email.

Where do I promote my unique referral link?

If you are active on Linkedin or Twitter, recommend Filestage in a Post. Also, pay attention to conversations around the problems that Filestage can solve and recommend Filestage as a tool to explore.

If you are active on Instagram, Tiktok, or Youtube, create a video on how Filestage helps you with your specific problem. Make sure to add Filestage with your unique link to your Link-in-Bio so your new and existing followers can discover it continuously.

If you are active in Slack or other groups, search there for keywords Filestage can help with. "Online proofing software", "content review and approval", "creative workflows", "content workflows", "content reviews", and "design approval tools" can be great keywords to start with. Recommend Filestage as a solution and paste your unique link in those threads.

Additionally, it never hurts to promote it to your family or friends via Whatsapp.

What happens next?

Your referral will start a free trial with Filestage. When they decide to purchase, the rewards start to kick in.

You will be notified once someone views your link, conducts the call, or becomes a customer.

How do I claim my reward?

1. For everyone who buys Filestage, you’ll automatically receive 25% of their monthly subscription value, up to $1,000 per each customer.

2. On top of that, the referee will receive 50% off of Filestage for the first three months.

Your rewards will be displayed in your referral widget & automatically transferred to your Paypal or Venmo account.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions about the program, please contact

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