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Getting Started with Filestage
Getting Started with Filestage

Begin improving the turn-around time of your projects by getting feedback faster and more efficiently.

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Welcome to the getting started guide!

This article is designed to give you a quick overview of how to use our app, including a welcome video from our CEO, Niklas, who will introduce you to the key features and benefits of our product.

Whether you're new to our app or just need a refresher, this guide will help you get up and running quickly. Let's get started!

Create your first project

Select the green Create Project button to kick off your first project. Learn more about creating projects.

Upload files

As a project collaborator, you can manage files in a project. You can upload files to a project, edit their names, and begin to share the files, so they can be reviewed. Learn more about uploading files.

Add reviewer groups and reviewers

Create Reviewer groups for each stage of your project, then invite different reviewers to each step to make sure all your files get approved by the right people.

Then invite reviewers to add comments and approve your files, or simply send them a link. Reviewer groups represent the different stakeholder groups who need to review and approve your work. They can be customized for each project and help to keep discussions focused.

Add a due date

Add due dates to your files to keep your projects on track. Your team members can check who’s reviewed what from their dashboards, and we’ll send a reminder to any reviewers who still need to take a look. Learn more about how to set up and manage due dates.

Reviewing Files

Using Filestage, you can easily review videos, PDFs, images, and audio files. By commenting directly on the file it is easier to describe exactly what you want to have done. Check out our One Page Guide for Reviewers.

Managing Different Versions

Now that you've created a new version that needs to be reviewed, upload it on top of the first version to keep linear track of everything. Learn more about managing different versions of a file.

Once you get the final approval, send the version to the next party to get feedback.

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Let's create your first project and start making the most out of the platform. Navigate to the main dashboard to get started.

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