ℹ️ This plugin is currently in early access and more functions will be added soon. Please let us know if you have any suggestions on how we can improve it.

ℹ️ To use this plugin, you need an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription with Adobe Premiere Pro installed.

With the Filestage plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro, you can upload sequences directly from Premiere Pro to Filestage. This allows you to skip the manual process and start the review instantly.

The feedback received on sequences can then be reviewed directly in Premiere Pro without going back to Filestage.

Get the Filestage plugin for Premiere Pro

Step 1: Locate the plugin in Adobe Create Cloud

  • You can access the plugin via the following link: Filestage plugin for Premiere Pro

  • Or search for the Filestage plugin in the Creative Cloud's marketplace and open it

Step 2: Install the plugin

  • Click on Get in the top-right corner of the screen and accept the third-party information.

  • Your plugin will be installed and available the next time you open a project in Premiere Pro.

Activate the plugin for your project

Step 1: Activate the plugin inside your Premiere Pro project

  • Open the desired Premiere project you want to integrate with Filestage.

  • Click on Windows in the top bar and go to Extensions in the dropdown menu. Now select Filestage.

  • You will now see the Filestage plugin window in your project.

  • To disable the plugin again, you need to go through the previous steps again and click on the Filestage extension.

You can see if the plugin is enabled or disabled by looking at the checkmark next to the plugin.

Step 2: Log in to your Filestage account

  • Fill in your login information and enter your Filestage account.

  • You can now navigate through Filestage just like you would in a browser.

Uploading a sequence to Filestage

Step 1: Select your Filestage project

  • In the project list, select the project where you want to upload the sequence for review.

Step 2: Upload the sequence

  • Click Upload sequence in the selected project.

  • Select the sequence from the Premiere Pro project you want to upload and its resolution. Then click on upload.

  • The sequence is now uploaded and can be reviewed as usual.

Viewing and interacting with comments

After your reviewers have given their feedback on the file. The comments are automatically synced with the sequence in Premiere Pro.

Viewing comments

  • Every comment left at a certain point in the video in Filestage is transferred to Premiere Pro as a marker at the same frame.

  • Double-clicking on the markers in Premiere Pro allows you to open the comments in the marker description without having the Filestage window active.

  • The playhead in Filestage is synchronized with the playhead of the sequence in Premiere Pro. When you move the playhead in Filestage, both are affected.

Interacting with comments

You can work in Filestage as usual. But please remember that the plugin works for synchronization from Filestage to Premiere Pro. Any Premiere Pro changes will not affect the uploaded sequence in Filestage.

  • You can set comments in Filestage. But placing a marker in the Premiere Pro timeline will not create a comment in Filestage.

  • You can reply directly to comments in Filestage if something is unclear. Replies to comments will not appear in the Premiere Pro markers.

  • When you delete comments in Filestage, the associated markers are removed from the Premiere Pro timeline. Deleting markers directly in the timeline does not affect the comments in Filestage.

  • Annotations in comments are not displayed on the Premiere Pro viewer but only in the Filestage window.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach us through chat or email at support@filestage.io.

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