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Copy comments between review steps
Copy comments between review steps
Learn how to move comments between different review steps.
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📌 The copy comments feature is only available in our Enterprise plan.

📌 Only team members with permission to manage projects can copy comments.

You can copy comments from one review step to another in Filestage.

This makes it easy to:

  • Merge feedback from different review steps without your reviewer groups getting involved

  • Filter and consolidate feedback before forwarding it to other parties

How to copy comments to a different review step

Before copying comments to another review step, please ensure that the review has already been started in the target review step. To copy comments, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the review that contains the comments you want to copy

  2. Click the copy comments button above the comments sidebar

  3. Select the comments you want to copy or click the checkbox at the top to select all

  4. Choose the review step you want to copy the comments to

    ℹ️ Please note: You can only copy comments to the same version of your file

💡Pro Tip: By the way, you can also use the copy comment function while comparing versions.

  • When you copy comments, you become the author in the new review step

To everyone in the new review step, any comments you copy will look like any other new comment. You'll also be able to edit them without affecting the original comments.

The timestamp will be set as the time the comments were copied rather than when the comments were posted in the original review step.

And by default, all copied comments will be displayed as unresolved.

  • The replies, annotations, and attachments are also copied when you copy comments

Mentions, on the other hand, are removed when comments are copied. This means that the email address is deleted from the comment text, and the mentioned person is not notified when the comment is copied.

💡What´s next? After understanding how to copy comments, see how to Share links to specific comments.

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