Here's how you can integrate Asana in four simple steps:

Step 1: Click the Apps button

Open your Filestage project and click the Apps button in the top right corner. Please note that you'll only see the Apps button if you're a team Admin or Manager.

Step 2: Choose Asana from the apps menu

A menu will appear with all our available apps. Click Connect on the Asana app to set up the integration.

Step 3: Connect your Asana workspace

Follow the prompts on screen to connect with your Asana account and workspace.

Step 4: Connect your projects

Use the dropdown menus to select which Filestage and Asana projects you want to connect. Then click Finish.

When Asana is successfully connected, the Asana logo will appear in the top right corner of the project.

You can now stay up to date on your Filestage project in Asana

There are a number of automations you can enjoy when Asana and Filestage are connected. Once a new version is added, a main task will be created along with a set of subtasks for reviewers.

Submitted review decision: When a reviewer submits a review decision in Filestage, the corresponding review subtask in Asana is automatically completed and prefixed with [Approved] or [Requested changes].

Created comments by reviewers: When reviewers add a comment, the corresponding subtask name will be prefixed with [Created Comments].

Due date set: Once a due date is set or updated in Filestage, Asana will set and update the due date(s) for the main task and reviewer subtasks.

New version: When a new version is uploaded, a new main task is created with a set of subtasks for reviewers.

Admins and Managers on plans other than Essential are able to utilize our Asana integration at the moment.

An in-depth overview of the Asana and Filestage integration

If you have any questions or want to suggest ideas for future integrations, reach out on chat or email us at We are always happy to help!

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