There are several ways to invite reviewers. However, you can even lead your reviewers to a specific file in the review step or version of a file.

If you copy the review link from the project overview, this link will always point to the latest version of the file. The existing link will also point to the new version if you upload a new version.

If you copy a review link from the file view, this link will always point to this exact version of your file. If you then upload a new version, the existing link will still point to the same version as before.

Moving files to a different step

When you move a file to a different step, the previous link will still point to the version on the previous step. This is because each review step has a separate review link, helping you control files that certain reviewers are meant to see. 

Which version a link goes to is achieved through the suffix that you can see at the end of the URL, annotated by /v#. If you remove this suffix, the link will point to the latest version again. We added this functionality because it can be helpful to direct the reviewer to a specific version.

For example:

  • -- points to the first version

  • -- points to the second version

  • -- points to the latest version in that review step

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