We have created the One Page Guide for Reviewers so  that you can share it with your reviewers. This guide will teach them how to use Filestage.

Benefits of the One Page Guide for Reviewers:

  •  Shows that  Filestage is as easy as 1,2,3
  •  Teaches  all important aspects of reviewing
  • Allows reviewers to navigate through Filestage as a pro
  •  Further improves the Filestage’s ease of use


Click here to get access the guide:

How can I share the guide with my reviewers?

To share the guide  with your reviewers, you can either copy and share the link to the guide or download the guide and send the file directly.

Copy and Share the following link


By sharing this link, reviewers can easily access the file without having to download any files. If they have any questions, they can also add comments to that shared file and we’ll be happy to help ;)

How can I download the guide?

Download the guide:

  1. Go to the review link: https://app.filestage.io/#!/review/fb9aaa00fa3d41749f06638646d4746d/file/612c2eb68b52412d889fba29e3121ff9/v1
  2. Click on the download symbol in the lower right corner
  3. Save the file to your hard drive 

How can  I customize the guide?

 To customize the One Review Page Guide, we have also made the file available for download as a Powerpoint. After downloading this file, you can customize it for your reviewers any way you like. 

Customize a Powerpoint Presentation of the One-Page Guide for Reviewers

To access the powerpoint of the guide, go here:


  To download the file, follow the same steps as described above in the section "How can I download the Review One Page Guide?” 

Once you download the guide, you will be able to customize it with further instructions or even add your own branding. 

*Please note: Since Filestage currently only supports PDF´s as a text file, you will only see the contents of the Powerpoint file after downloading it.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach us through the chat or email at [email protected]

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