By default, Filestage displays the original name of an uploaded file. When you upload a new version, the file name gets automatically updated with the new version's name.


  • You upload a new file called“”. The file name is “”.

  • Now, you upload version 2 of this file called “”. We update the file name to “”.

How to override the file name, so it doesn't update to the latest version

  1. Hover over a file name in your project overview

  2. Click on the file name

  3. Enter a new name

  4. Click on the green check mark or press the Enter key to confirm

Your file name will then stay the same, even after you upload a new version.

How to reset your file name to the latest version

  1. Click on the three dots next to the file name

  2. Select Reset file name

Then, the file name will be updated to match the next time you upload a new version.

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