The Due Dates feature allows your teammates to determine when they want reviews to be completed. It gives teams more control over their files and documents in Filestage. It also empowers the reviewers to feel part of the process by giving them clearer expectations. 

Benefits of adding Due Dates for Project Managers:

✅Keep your Filestage projects running smoothly by adding due dates to reviews

✅Set deadlines for file reviews; enabling reviewers to prioritize their workflow 

✅ hit fixed project timelines by getting files approved in a timely manner 

✅Reduce the need for time-costly manual follow-up from project managers to get reviews completed on time

Benefits of adding Due Dates for Reviewers:

✅Get reminders of pending reviews in your inbox so that nothing slips through the cracks

✅Prioritize your workload to ensure the most urgent reviews are completed on time

✅See upcoming review deadlines to keep an overview of what needs to be reviewed next.

How can I manage due dates?

You can set up deadlines on each file version individually. You can set up the due dates from the dashboard or within the file itself. Optionally, you can select a time when you want something reviewed while you are setting up the deadline date. 

To learn more about setting up date dates, check out our related help article “Managing and Setting Up Due Dates.”

How will my reviewers be notified?

When you first set a due date, the email invitation for new files and versions will now also display the due date for the file. After the first notification, subsequential email reminders will be sent to the reviewer as well. These reminders are smart bundled depending on the date they need to be reviewed.

To learn more about reviewer notifications with due dates, please see the article “Due Date Notifications and Reminders for Reviewers.”

Which plans support the due date feature?

All ADVANCED and higher plans include due dates. If you are on an ESSENTIAL plan, it does not include this feature.

If you are interested in this feature, you can switch to a new plan or contact us directly at We will be happy to help!

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