Is Filestage ISO Certified?

All of our data servers are ISO Certified.

What service do you use to host your data?

Filestage uses the cloud provider AWS (Amazon Web Services) to host data.

Where are the physical servers located?

  1. Location of Web Servers: Frankfurt, Germany
  2. Location of Database: Frankfurt, Germany
  3. Location of S3 Storage: Frankfurt, Germany
  4. Location of CDN (Content Delivery Network): Temporary caching in worldwide locations for best performance worldwide

Does Filestage have an EU-US privacy shield in place?

Filestage is GDPR-compliant and have optimized our processes according to the highest European data protection guidelines.

To learn more about Filestage's GDPR compliance, please see:

Is it possible to restrict downloads of documents?

Project collaborator can restrict downloads from external users. 

What security provisions do filestage have in place, if any?

We have established a wide range of security measures to ensure the highest level of data security and data protection. This includes a risk assessment plan, penetration tests, incident response plans, cloud assessments, and extensive certification of our data centres. In addition, extensive data protection measures were set up with an external data protection officer.

To learn more about Filestage's security, be sure to check out our
security page.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to start a chat or email us at[email protected] We’re always happy to help. 

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