While you can not upload a website, website animations, or HTML5 banners directly into Filestage, we do have a great workaround. This workaround allows you, your team, and clients to begin reviewing these immediately!

If you’d like to review static websites:

✔ Install a browser plugin like “Full Page Screen Capture” (for Chrome).
✔ Create a full-page screenshot of your entire website with the plugin.
✔ Download the screenshot of the captured website as an image or PDF
✔ Upload the screenshot to Filestage. The screenshot is scrollable in Filestage.
✔ Invite clients and co-workers to give feedback.

If you’d like to review animated websites and banners:

✔ Create a screencast of the interactive banner
✔ Upload that screencast as video to Filestage

💡 [Tips & Tricks] 

To record this screencast, you can use tools like Quicktime (for Macs) or Bandicam (for Windows). If you would prefer to record directly in your browser, please look at tools like Loom or CloudApp.

Once you record the video and it is saved locally to your device, you can upload it to Filestage and begin to get reviews! 🎉

Benefits of using a screencast tool to present your website is that you can: 

⭐ Control how the reviewer navigates through the page by presenting the flow in a clear and logical manner

⭐ Ensure that the reviewer doesn’t overlook any page or button.

⭐ Give context and explanations with your voiceover, helping the reviewer understand why you made certain design decisions.

⭐ Add a personal note to the presentation, building trust in your expertise and strengthening your client relationship.

Let us know if you have any questions by reaching out to us on chat or emailing us at support@filestage.io We're always happy to help!

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