Who in my team can see all projects?

The ability to see all the projects created by your team is tied to your team role. For this privilege, you must have the role of an Admin or Manager; these roles have the ability to see all projects and can view any project that was created by any teammate. Members are only able to see projects they are invited to see.

How do I edit a teammates permission so they can see all projects?

Only Admins have the ability to edit their teammates' permission and give them access to see all projects. 

By going to the Team page, you will see what role your team members have.

If you’re an Admin, you can easily change the permission of a teammate by clicking on the pen button on the right. If you don't have the role Admin, then you have to contact an Admin who will do this for you. 

The 3 roles for team members at a glance


  • Can see all projects created by any teammate
  • Has access to billing
  • Can add teammates and their respective permissions


  • Can see all projects created by any teammate


  • Can only see projects they’re invited to

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