What is The Reviewer Dashboard?

The Reviewer Dashboard gives your clients access to an overview of all projects or review steps they’ve been invited to view - no matter if they are invited as a teammate or reviewer. 

The reviewer will be able to see projects of different external teams on their project dashboard. This can be extremely beneficial if they are reviewing files from different agencies and want an overview of all projects.

In addition, the reviewer has access to the My Pending Review list, which shows the reviewer all files that still need his feedback.

What are the advantages of the dashboard as a reviewer?

  • No more digging through emails - all projects, files, and links on one workspace

  • Don’t miss any reviews anymore - easily see all files that are awaiting review

  • Stay on top of all projects by easily seeing which files have already been approved and what is the status of the other files

  • Download approved assets from a centralized workspace*

  • Upload briefings, assets and other files to projects of external teams* 

*Please note that the project creator needs to enable these for you in reviewer settings.

How do I give an overview of all projects to my reviewers?

Have your reviewer sign-up for Filestage (they can sign-up here: https://app.filestage.io/#!/signup). 

The reviewer should sign up with the same email address which they were invited to review projects. After the reviewer signs up with that same email address, they can immediately see all files they were invited to review.

Please note, they do not need a paid subscription with Filestage. The reviewer dashboard is completely free. 

Is the reviewer dashboard really for free?

Yes, accessing projects and files on the dashboard is completely free as a reviewer.

If you want to create your own projects and streamline your internal approval process, you will have to start a free trial of our paid plans

You can contact us at support@filestage.io to start a free trial! We’ll be happy to assist.

If you have any further questions or feedback, please contact us at support@filestage.io.

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