We will be migrating all current data in Filestage to suit your new review workflow which will begin to roll out from August 25th, 2018.

What is the new Agile Review Workflow? 

The new Agile Review Workflow will divide all your projects into steps so you can create a review funnel for your projects. By making different steps, team members will invite reviewers to a step and the reviewer can only access comment and version history in that step. This new feature allows team members to have a complete overview to manage their projects.

How will Filestage migrate my current projects to the new workflow?

Filestage will migrate your current proofs into steps depending on their reviewer groups. The key to this migration strategy is that all reviewers in a step can see all the files of that step. Reviewers will not have access to files in steps that they are not invited to review. By introducing steps, we have disabled the option to give access to single files only.

To ensure that we don’t share your internal files with external reviewers, we will create separate steps for each file in a project that has unique external reviewers. We have looked into the data, and this is the best option for the majority of our users. 

How we plan to migrate your current proofs in projects to review steps:

Proofs with no reviewers: These will be added to the first review step, which, for all intents and purposes, would be considered the internal review step. To share these proofs, you will have to use a new review link.  

Proofs with only internal reviewers: These proofs will be added to the first review step, which is considered to be the internal review step. Even if different proofs have different internal team members as reviewers, each will are moved the same step. The reason we have done this is that if the reviewer is also a team member of the project, they will always have the ability to view the files.

Proofs with the same external reviewer groups: Proofs that have the same individuals reviewing will each be added to their own review step. If you have many proofs in a project that have unique reviewers, those proofs will be added to different review steps. These different review steps ensure that reviewers will still be granted access to only the files that they were originally intended to review. 

These images will help you better understand how the layout of Filestage will change with the new workflow:

In this project, there are six separate proofs. Two proofs share an internal review group, two proofs share an external review group, and the final two have unique review groups. 

With the new Agile Review Workflow, those unique review groups will now be allotted their own steps so they will be unable to view files that they do not have permission to see. There will now be three review steps:

Review Step 1 contains: 

  • One file has no reviewers
  • Two of the files that had only internal reviewer

Review Step 2 contains:

  • A file that had a unique external reviewer

Review Step 3 contains:

  • Two files that had two unique reviewers

What happens to the review links?

If you have files with external reviewers, the review link will remain intact. On the other hand, for proofs that have no reviewers or only internal reviewer, you will have to recreate review links. We did this in order to ensure that external reviewers never get access to internal files. 

How do I create a review link?

There are two ways that you can invite reviewers to a step: you can select the silhouette icon next to “Add Reviewers” and invite via email, or select the link icon and share the link for the step.

Reviewers will have access to all the files in that review step. Also, reviewers can invite anyone else to review the files by sharing the review link.

How to prevent having unnecessary review steps after the migration:

If you have files that have unique external review groups, you may want to consolidate them to avoid unnecessary review steps and to have a clean workspace.

To prepare for this migration, consolidate your review groups. Merging review groups will help ensure that that you will not have multiple review steps for a single project and that you are optimizing your review workflow.

To consolidate these files. The easiest way to do that is by using the “Invite Reviewers” button and adding each person individually by email: 

You can also revoke access to files so that you can start with a completely clean slate and then invite users once the review steps are rolled out.

Removing the review link will not delete the comments of those reviewers. Once the new review steps are released, you will have to send another invitation to reviewers.

Be sure to consolidate by August 25th your review groups so that your team will be able to utilize the platform best. 

Recommendations for the Migration:

We recommend that when creating a new project, all reviewers and team members should be related to the proofs in that project. If you have a different project with unrelated reviewers, create a new project! To do this, push the green “Create Project” button. In Filestage, you have unlimited projects!

Will this be add-on feature in the future? 

Soon, Filestage will begin to charge for having multiple steps.

You can read more about the how the new Agile Review Workflow works, and how your team will benefit from it in our knowledge base article.

Please feel free to email us at [email protected] with any questions! We will be happy to help. 

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