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What is the Agile Review Workflow?

The new Agile Review Workflow (premium early release) is meant to streamline the way you communicate and view internal and external reviews. It allows for you to have multiple review steps where you can manage who can access different files and comments. 

With the Agile Review Workflow, you have all the original benefits of Filestage and so much more! You can still invite team members and reviewers, comment on all file types, and allow feedback without logging in. There are also some grand changes, and they include:

Review Steps

What are the review steps?

Filestage will now seamlessly work with your current workflow by having different review steps. You can add proofs to a single review step then only share the files within this step with specific people, known as reviewers. These reviewers can only access the step they are invited to review and comment on the files in that project. 

Team members will still have a full overview of all the steps in a project allowing for complete transparency.

How can I improve my workflow with review steps?

Managing the review steps is very important for team members during the creative process as they are now able to have private and secure communication with different groups. It is common to want to have internal and external review steps or review steps for various departments

Filestage will become a hub for all your communication for internal and external stakeholders and your project stages.

Typical use cases: 

* A freelancer usually has only one step (for client review)

* An agency typically has two review steps (for internal and external review)

* An enterprise company typically has multiple steps (to comply with a defined approval process with legal, compliance, etc.)


How can I invite reviewers?

You can easily invite people to be a reviewer of a single review step by selecting the green human silhouette next to the word reviewers and then typing in the email address. Alternatively, you can copy a review link for each step, that you can share with your reviewers wherever you want (eg, Email, Slack, Basecamp, Asana, Whatsapp).

What will reviewers be able to see?

A single review link will allow these reviewers to see an entire step in a project. This link can be easily shared amongst their stakeholders as well. 

Will reviewers receive email notifications?

Each time you upload a new file to the project, Filestage sends an email informing reviewers (unless you have disabled email notifications in the reviewer settings). This email can contain your company logo and a personal message as well. 

When you upload a new file, reviewers will receive an email that looks like this: 

Email notifications are rather intelligent - it will only send out one email even if you’ve uploaded multiple files within a fifteen-minute period! Each time you upload another file, the fifteen-minute timer is reset, so you will never get bombarded with emails!

Reviewer Settings

By selecting the gear, you can control notifications to reviewers and what they can do. Now you can manage this on a per review step level.  

In the past, you had to invite each reviewer to a file individually, and then a reviewer would have multiple links to access all their files in that project -- but no more!

With a single review link, your reviewers will have access to each proof that is in that review step. Making it easier for them to have an overview of all the necessary files. Also, each time you upload a new proof, they will be automatically notified. Unless they are also team members, they will not be able to view any of the other review steps or files in the project.

When a reviewer accesses a direct link to a single proof in a review step, they will also be able to see all the other files in that review step by navigating the file navigation carousel below the proof.

Moving Files to Different Steps

Once a file has been reviewed and approved in a step, a team member will want to move it to another step to get reviewed by different reviewers. To do that, team members can drag and drop files between the different review steps. 

When moving a file between different review steps, only the latest version is added to the new review step. The most recent version appears as a completely clean file in that new review step and all comments from the original review step will be hidden from the reviewers. 

Reviewers will automatically be notified about the shared version via email unless you have disabled email notifications in the reviewer settings.

When moving files to a different step, you can add a personal message to the reviewers that will appear in their email inbox. Using the email functionality, you can update the reviewers about what is new or tell them exactly what needs to be reviewed. 

As team members, it is beneficial to have review steps so that you can conduct internal and external reviews, or you can have different review steps for various departments. It helps keep communication lines clear and ensures an orderly workflow. 

Dragging and dropping these files between the review steps is important if you have external and internal reviews, or if your company has review steps for various departments. Having the comments and versions private in different review steps allows team members to have complete control over what is visible to their reviewers. 

Accessing previous versions of a file

Reviewers will only be able to see the past version of a file that was on their own review step. Team members can access all versions of all steps through the version menu:


It is important to note, that in the file, reviewers will see only their own step in this menu, and won't be able to access review steps to which they weren't invited.

Uploading new file versions

Team members will still have the ability to upload new versions of a file. If you have more than one review step and you are uploading a new version of a file, you will have to confirm which review step you want the new proof to be added. By selecting the proper review step, you ensure that only the appropriate people will view the latest version. 

Reviewers will automatically be notified about the new version via email unless you have disabled email notifications in the reviewer settings.

Also, when you upload a new version, you can choose to add a personal message in the email alert for the reviewers of the target step. This message will be displayed in the email notifications that the reviewers receive.

Pricing (Premium Early Release)

At the moment, this is considered to be a premium early release feature. Meaning that only for a limited time Filestage will let you create as many review steps as you need free of charge. Allowing multiple steps is mutually beneficial: you can find which workflow works for you and we can begin to understand how you interact with this new feature.

After six weeks, we will charge for extra steps and limit the review flow count for specific plans. 

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