How Filestage complies with GDPR

We at Filestage wholeheartedly support the privacy rights of our customers. Even long before the GDPR took effect, we have taken many measures to ensure that we fulfill legal obligations and maintain our transparency about how and why we process customer data.

Internal data audit

We closely work together with an external data protection officer who checks our internal processes for data protection compliance. We review all the data we collect and the reasons why we collect it. We also review which of our employees have access to which data.

Sub-processor audit

We only work with vendors and sub-processors who meet our high data protection requirements as well as the legal requirements. We review our vendors and sub-processors to ensure they are adhering to GDPR. We sign the relevant data processing agreement (DPA) with regard to that.

Transparent documentation

It is important for us to explain transparently how and for what purpose customer data is used at Filestage. We document our processes and update our data privacy agreement and data processing agreement accordingly. 

Ongoing improvements

With an external data protection officer, we ensure that we continuously improve our processes and also comply with future changes in the legal framework conditions.

How to request a data processing agreement (DPA)?

We're happy to provide you with our DPA. Get in touch with us at

Getting a signed or custom DPA for your organization

At this time, we offer to sign or fill out custom a DPA for our customers on the Enterprise plans only. Reach out to us at

Please let us know if you have any questions about Filestage's privacy policy. We're always happy to help!

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