Filestage works in a way to keep your workflow simple and painless. When inviting your reviewers to files, you can set their permission settings on a project level.

File Grouping

In the above screenshot you will notice you have four different settings you can modify for the three different groups of files in the project. The settings you apply will affect all current files in the project, and any new files uploaded later on.

Files in Review: Files that are in the “In Review” section of your project. [shown above]

Approved Files: Files that have been internally (by a team member) moved to the “Approved” section of the project, found below the “In Review” section. Please note that this is not referring to files that have the approved status submitted by the reviewers. [shown above]

All Files: All files inside the project

Permission Options

Ability to download files

Allow your reviewers to download the file they are reviewing. You can find the download button in the review file on the bottom right corner.

Use Case: A common use case for this is to keep the download option disabled until the file is approved. This makes sure that premature versions of a file are not downloaded and spread. Once the file has been approved (and paid!), you move the file to the approved section so that the reviewers can download it.

Similarly, you can choose to disable commenting for approved files to prevent reviewers adding change requests on finalized assets.


This grants your reviewers the ability to comment, if you do not wish to have this turned on, you can toggle it to provide view-only access. Please note that when you turn this off, reviewers will no longer see previous comments.

Use Case: A common use case for this is for when you are sending the approved version over to reviewers, you can prevent any additional change requests at this final stage. 

Email Notifications

This will enable notifications to your reviewers with updates regarding the file, like comments, new version uploads, etc. Other notifications like mentions (when users are tagged in a comment) will always be sent. 

Use Case: If your reviewers do not want to be kept in the loop for all new notifications, you can simply disable this function so they don’t receive emails about new comments left in the file.

Password Protection

For users that want that extra bit of security (although we always take measures to make sure your data is secure), you can set a password for your reviewers to access files. 

Use Case: For the security-conscious clients, this is an option that can be turned on to prevent any unwanted access to a file. 

Let us know if you have any feedback or questions about this feature at [email protected] :) 

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